GDBM file dumper

What is GDBM ?

from the man page:

GNU dbm is a library of routines that manages data files that contain key/data pairs. The access provided is that of storing, retrieval, and deletion by key and a non- sorted traversal of all keys. A process is allowed to use multiple data files at the same time.

Dumpgdbm is a batch or interactive tool which can dump keys and data from a GNU DBM file. It can display data in ASCII, decimal, hex, and octal formats. Posix regexp search functions are also provided.

Download the 2002 October edition: dumpgdbm.tar.gz: Read the Makefile first. new in this release: search now use POSIX regex, and CLI use Gnu readline. More fun and more k00L (and may be, more bugs).

Please, send me bugs (or success :) reports.

batch modeinteractive

$ dumpgdbm fichier.gdbm

Important flags:
-x for hexadecimal display, -8 for ascii > 127, -m nnn for the maximum number of displayed bytes.

$ dumpgdbm -i fichier.gdbm

Important commands:
? give you a summary of available commands, and ? xxx give you details on the xxx command.
commands list you commands, with a little explanation.
Look at ks and ds: they take an POSIX regex as argument.

interactive session
tth $ ./dumpgdbm -i exemple.gdbm 
working on [exemple.gdbm]
dumpgdbm > version

*** DumpGDBM version 0.2.21 (g) 2002 TontonTh Useless Soft.

 more info ->
 this software is released under the 'Gnu Public License'
 This is GDBM version 1.8.0, as of May 19, 1999.

dumpgdbm > first
K: games.
D: games.

dumpgdbm > n
K: nobody.
D: Nobody.

dumpgdbm > n
K: xfs.
D: X Font Server.

dumpgdbm > hexa
dumpgdbm > p
K:  78 66 73 00
D:  58 20 46 6f 6e 74 20 53 65 72 76 65 72 00

dumpgdbm > octal
dumpgdbm > print
K:  170 146 163 000
D:  130 040 106 157 156 164 040 123 145 162 166 145 162 000

dumpgdbm > ascii
dumpgdbm > n
K: lp.
D: lp.

dumpgdbm > datasearch [Ff]lo
K: florence.
D: Florence Demoures.

dumpgdbm > quit
tth $

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